Thursday, 30 October 2008

More more more

I dunno what it is about IM events but the more I do the more I wanna do. Once you have done one you go one of two ways I reckon. Either you back off and go back to something less time consuming or you want more. (But sometimes you have to call it quits, peel off the dodgy lycra and curl up with a pizza and dvd because that's more fun. edit by Mrs runtilyoudrop). Is it the overdose of endorphins that some of us become addicted to? Is it the order and demands of a tough training schedule that brings discipline to our daily life? Maybe its just having an excuse to buy some new kit, on the subject of which the assos 3 layer winter glove system is comfortably the best I have yet encountered if a bit pricey.

Point is I have already committed next year to 2 IM races and sit here contemplating entering Norseman an event that sits out there lurking desperately waiting for me to do it!! On the same level there is the New Zealand Coast to Coast, IM Japan, IM Brazil, Elbaman.......

... is this an illness, an addiction perhaps or just a passing phase?

Well who cares. After 3 weeks nursing a dodgy achilles the running has recommenced, swimming is starting to feel like something I like rather than a chore and I spent 5 hours out on my bike on sunday morning in the continuos rain and absolutely loved it. The hunger is back and I want more power!


Jevon said...

Welcome back, big boy.
Some of us are doing Norseman in 2010... fancy joining us? Tom seemed keen too !!!
Glad you're feeling better and up for it.
Look forward to our training day on Friday.

Tom said...

hi mate,

Hawaii is there for you but will certainly require an extremely focused approach, let's do Kona this year and join Jevon for the Norseman in 2010 ;)

great to have you back,


lord_lordy said...

Norseman 2010 Count me in

Like Tom said - Focus on Kona - it'd be great to have you there and I'm confident you are capable of it.

guess we'll have to do the Winter 100 miler now ;o)