Friday, 14 November 2008

We all need Friends

It is with great sadness that I realise two of my most motivational training partners and friends are about to embark on a journey that will take them out of my sphere perhaps indefinitely. Steve and Jo are both hardcore IMers who introduced me to the concept of early morning training on a weekday (like 0400hrs and earlier) and in whos company I have had the pleasure of whiling away many an hour circumnavigating regents park (somewhere around 1500 laps I would guess).

I must say I am distinctly jealous of their plans including a visit to New Zealand and a chance to do another epic camp. The idea of setting out on a cold winters morning to go around on my own does not appeal but hopefully some of the newcomers will stick around a bit when the season kicks in.

My training is currently all about the bike. I am riding a steady 75 miler every weeekend and trying to start pulling it together. I start to feel quite excited about the prospects of another hard build and maintain endless positivity towards the whole process. the only issue at present is swimming since my beloved lido is beset by darkness and therefore closed more often than not when I want to use it.

More regular posting to follow as i develop a theme for this years training...


Jevon said...

good to have you back with us mate. Look forward to our next training day. J.

lord_lordy said...

Where did you find that photo ? Looks like middle of the Mid Wales Ultra though I don't think I have this photo.
Don't worry ... we'll be checking on your early morning sessions from afar and we do plan on coming back.
Believe it or not I will miss the weekly dose of Thursday morning fun.
Keep at it whilst we're away ... it's the key to stonking IM Lanza