Monday, 15 September 2008

Feck Achilles

September has been distinctly challenging. Work, family and trying to run everyday have left me worn out. The goal of running every day through September was worthy but not achieved. I managed 27 out of 30 days. The desire to start putting in the long runs led to the day after a long run when I found myself trying to run around Victoria Park on legs that felt like wooden stumps. The consequence of this was due to my stubborness I did not stop and walk but ran on and paid the following day when my achilles flared up.

Trying to stick to the rule of no more than a 10% increase a week I may have taken a slight liberty but thought my background training would help. The bruised heels and flaming achilles I sit here with right now speak otherwise. Do I stop and sit it out or do I stretch, do my heel raises and carry on? I have never found that rest got rid of my AT so I run on and use some brufen.. the running is considerably less enjoyable though.

So it seems that I cannot run every day or at least not yet and perhaps it has been quite a while since I did any serious training (I guess August was mostly rest!!)

I am still trying to rationalise the voice that says I should stay in bed, drink more beer and hey just kick back for a bit. It all sounds tempting but I have a goal to achieve and I am going after it. October will see some interesting running and a gradual build back up to cycling every Sunday at least 4hrs. The programme begins in earnest after I have recovered from Luton marathon (2weeks without running but a kick start to the swimming)so that is December.

Need to get the buzz back first though.


Jevon said...

for some reason this has only just appeared on my RSS radar...

I think you need to kick back and have a few beers.

Seriously mate... you can't train 12 months of the year, run a family and operate (pardon the pun) in a high pressure job. Something's got to give. Physically and mentally. So don't be surprised when it does.

I've been training only when I feel like it (but that's been nearly every day) to a level that just keeps me ticking over and I'm already feeling the benefit. Sure I'm a bit fatter and not at my fastest. But I know that come xmas I'll be locked and loaded and ready to roll.

I think what you need is a long slow run around london, followed by a high carb meal, followed by a few beers - all with a fellow Ironman...


Tom said...

only just popped up on my RSS feed as well???

anyway, kick back mate... think about your number one goal. having run an autumn marathon and the London Marathon in the build up to all three of my Ironmen (hhhmmm, that sounds a bit dodgy, but Ironmans doesn't really scan either??) anyway..., Hels and I are missing both those annual events in an attempt to focus 100% on Lanza. this time last year H had a a slight case of tib. post. tendonitis which when she tried to run through turned into six months of pretty much no running at all from September to February!!

join Jevon for some R & R ;)

runtilyoudrop said...

sorry guys I started the post a while a go and then changed it and posted it few days back.

I have been resting a lot since IMA in July so have not relly been at it so to speak. I will try and keep the run focus but do some more rest. cheers

joannacarritt said...

i'm echo-ing the others here, gabriel, and i'm surte that you'll be bored bored bored with people telling you that it IS time to kickback and drink beer. but take it form one who IS driven but also LIKES BEER that its a very necasary part of the training regime. i'm No kidding - a little rest, and releif from the feeling that ' i MUST go running/swim 3k/do weights /not eat cupcake today, is what'll keep you operational in the long term. so use Achilles as a scapegoat, and CHILL.