Friday, 8 January 2010

Beautiful swim

So yesterday was a "free" day with no pressures to do be or anything else. As it was frozen outside I decided the day would include an outdoor swim and an indoor bike ride.

The swim was in the outdoor heated paradise that is London Fields Lido. As I can see the pool from my house I waited long enough through the morning til the sun was shining onto most of the "fast" lane before heading round. The air was a chilly -2 degrees C and there was sheet ice around the edge of the pool. Changing in the outside cubicles to maximise the elemental effect it was mighty chilly. Amazingly to my feet the pool was as warm as a bath, and the forty odd other people using the pool seemed to be having a great time. Easing gently into the water the mixture of the yellow sunlight rising white steam and azure blue of the water was sublime. Quite simply it was the best swim of the year which was quite a shock since a) I am seriously unfit b) I have had some great swims this year in Zurich, Lanzarote and Cornwall and c) it was such a surprise.

It reawakened in me a bit that has perhaps been missing over the last few months which is a realisation of how enjoyable these endurance pursuits can be. Focusing on this aspect should enable me to see myself back into some more solid training as I recover from what would appear to be a pandemic of different injuries (calf, hamstring, back and now Achilles). I am not seeking any sympathy and understand why I have had injuries, but they do allow a bit of perspective into the overall pursuit that is ironman. The biggest conclusion I have come away is that I am genuinely happier and in a better place when I am training than not. draft