Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Starting Over

Training has not progressed in the last 3 weeks and I have logged my lowest hours of training in a 4 week period since about 2003! As a consequence I am now a full 7 kg heavier than prerace for IMCH in August.

I managed to strain a back muscle as a consequence of jumping back into the saddle, both literally and metaphorically, a bit too fast. This left me literally unable to train since running, swimming and cycling were just not possible. This was interesting as I watched my fitness decline still further and I had untold reserves of time to ponder in... except obviously work, family and sleep rapidly expanded to fill the vacuum leaving me wondering where on earth I plan on doing any training.

That aside I did reflect on what must now be declared a pattern of injury come autumn time. I think this reflects my pattern of autumn training which hitherto has been very goal orientated ie I will try and run faster longer etc and has not neccessarily been based on recuperation or consolidation. With that in mind I am hoping to focus on getting some strength back and may even join a gym for a few months to do a som core work and to mix up my sessions a bit. I hope this will then see me back and ready to train hard in the New Year......

written 2 weeks ago

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Jevon said...

I think it's a good thing. Eat stuff, have a few beers, be a little lazy. I'm doing much the same and am enjoying myself. my sessions are without heartrate or goal. I train when i feel like it and do what I feel. It's been my most enjoyable off season yet and I'm enjoying the quality time with the family.
Hope all heals asap.