Tuesday, 18 August 2009

To do two or not to (do) ((2)) ?

July 1st this year I logged on early to get a space for IM Germany. This was going to be my A race for next year. I was still toying with the idea of doing IM Lanza for the third time but decided that maybe a family holiday at easter would be better way to spend a week in Lanza and the date this year for some reason is no longer in synch with the school summer half terms (but this may not be insurmountable).

Then I raced IM Switzerland and found a course I liked, unlike TomW, particularly the run which is heavily shaded and has plenty to keep the mind alert. Even better they changed the date to the 1st August bang in the middle of school hols.

So now the dilemma. I feel I have done well racing back to back IMs with a 6/7 week gap but I am less confident about the 4 weeks. With 6 weeks I have managed to put in some top sessions in weeks 4/5 and have felt this has really boosted my second IM (especially the hard 100 milers) but I am less sure about the 4 weeks.

I know some such as Russ have done very well but I think this has been off a much bigger background training volume than I can achieve. I dont know yet whether I "train on" after my first IM race, to steal a phrase from horse racing, and if so whether this will work across a shorter distance. Ah well, I guess there is an easy way to find out!! Hotel booked for Frankfurt, hotel booked for Zurich, looks like IM 6 and IM 7 are on the way.

Back to the training. Needless to say running has been hampered by calf strain. rested up for the Dextro race at weekend and felt it go as I ran towards T1 out of the swim (new Oly p.b. of 24.06) had a good bike but not that fast (1.07-I have done very little by way of training since July14th) and managed about 800m of run before I packed it in.

So now a period of rehab, slow running... and then a little matter of the 26.2 miles on sept 12th. I know its probably not sensible but sometimes I just cant help myself... promise to self, take a taxi cab number and remember to run slowly.


Jevon said...

couple of our stronger athletes (working at our training volume) did IMDE and IMUK 4 weeks apart this year. Performed exceptionally well in IMUK.
You should be fine I think.

Tom said...

Actually I loved the course and loved the event... it was the 80% of athletes who cheated that I didn't like!

Four weeks between will be fine - I smashed my Pool Triangle pb 3.5 weeks later (29:56 for a hilly 12.65 miles), rode 330 miles in four days four weeks post race and pb'd with 1.58 for a 50TT five weeks after.

I'm sure you'll do great ;)


p.s. take it easy on that calf or you might not make the start line

lord_lordy said...

The answers obvious isn't it ?


Russ said...

Definitely go for it. I raced well in both Roth and IMUK with a gap of 3 weeks. In those 3 weeks I did as much easy training as I could, but it wasn't masses. For me it worked like a taper for IMUK. I had a short taper for Roth, then just carried it through to UK.

Anything less than 3 weeks I'm not sure of, but more is a bonus!