Saturday, 3 March 2018

what I learnt last year

So the blog that does not want to die!

Training again after last years reboot. I learnt that running is hard on your body (again) and that Ironman gets tougher as you get older. I leant that you can enjoy Ironman when your walking on the run and when you stop chasing a goal! I learnt that there is a lot of fun to be had cycling with a bunch of friends through some mountains. I learnt that if you do lots of rehab and free weights you can get Achilles tendonitis better. I learnt that the Stratford Olympic Pool is beautiful to swim in when they shut the lido. I learnt again that when you stop training it is hard to get going again and age seems to be a key factor in this. I learnt that wine meat and chocolate have lots of calories. I learnt I can no longer go with the ‘fast’ group. I learnt that no matter what your training your ego can still plan a race your body can’t deliver. I learnt that the journey is the point and the outcome is irrelevant. I learnt that the desire for an outcome creates the journey. I learnt that all that training can be time consuming and selfish. I learnt that sometimes it’s ok to be a bit selfish if it’s keeps your world in balance.

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