Sunday, 4 October 2009

Enjoy the training

I must say that I have really enjoyed the training this week. Not sure why really. The running is going ok and enjoyed a steady 10KM today in 41.30- would have been a bit faster if I had not got cramp in my right hamstring as I kicked for home in the last K only to find it tighten up. Instead of a last K in sub 4mins it took 4.30 which rather took the shine of things. However since this was on the back of a hard 5 hr bike ride yesterday I hope there is more speed to come.

Part of the fun this week has come from changing around some of my routine a bit and particularly good was a session of hill repeats on Parliament Hill in Hampstead. Each breathless climb was rewarded by the most fantastic views across London before dropping down again to repeat the exercise. This is going to stay in the programme for at least the next eight weeks. I think it is pretty good for building leg strength and should also help me to get up onto my toes a bit more- which I is probably a good thing. Sadly I got yet another rejection from the London Marathon (a total of 5 in 7 years) so more motivation for a good run at Luton.

Not much to add really. A big shout to all those in Kona and hope that your days go well.

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