Saturday, 24 January 2009

beam me up scotty

Power is the way forwards. As a keen ironmanner but neccessarily limited by time due to the other stuff like wife, children, work house refurbishment etc I have to maximise my training efficiency. While I would love to spend my weekends knocking out century rides sat and sun there is a fair chance I might find the keys to the house changed if I did this repeatedly. the alternative apart from previously mentioned time management techniques is to maximise the benefits of each session hence my recent post about using my turbo.

The next step is to maximise the benefit of the long rides and other sessions. To do this I plan to start using a powermeter to try and get used to working in the right power zones and ultimately to race according to power. Will this improve my overall racing? I do hope so.

So I have emailied and will hopefully be learning the wonmderful things that power can do for me. This I hope will be money better spent than a new bike (which is kyboshed due to the pound weakness anyway).

Did a solid weeks training of

Monday rest

Tuesday 2hr bike(30miles) commute 4000m swim(10x400) 75 min turbo threshold set

Wednesday 6 mile run

Thursday 2 hr turbo

Friday 1hr swim (speedwork) 6mile run tempo

Saturday 85 mile bike steady

Sunday 45 min continuos swim 2hr (15 mile) run

for about 17hrs training.(which is about one third of what steve did!)

Next week is a bit less but have the Hell of Ashdown at the end to put some spice into it.

And I feel good.


Jevon said...

flying, big fella... flying...
great week, keep it up...

joannacarritt said...

mate wih some numbers to chase around surrey hills and essex flats, you'll soon develop into a quad-bound legend. so head down, ride hard. and long , when u find that time machine ;o)