Monday, 21 July 2008

Baby I got the Blues

Came back to earth with a crash. Got off the airplane at 6.00 p.m. on thursday week ago and was called in to work at 7.00pm. Life goes on and the willing suspension of all things non-ironman has to come to an end at some point. Looks like next year is lining up to be a cracker though. Have confirmed 2 ironmans (?sp) or should it be ironmen, 2 marathons and a weeks training holiday. Who says it is obsessive.

Feeling a lot more worn than after IM Lanza earlier this year and feel in need of some proper rest. Allowing the sessions to be done how and when I feel which mostly means short and low intensity. That said did my hardest bike session this year which was 3 mins flat out 3 mins recovery repeat x 10. This was a hard core high intensity session done with 5 others which wrecked my legs for a few days. I am focused on the London then the Vit but only in as much as I reckon I should use my fitness to put in a few races. Deep down I am already brooding over how to get the 3 mins on the swim, the 10 mins on the bike and the 10 mins on the run. To the swim I will devote an extra hour a week, to the bike I will put on more power using the turbo and go back to more hardcore Sunday rides and the run I will let take care of itself (with a winter focus on marathon running).

I figure that with me going up to 40-44 and a good day I could track down that elusive Hawaii slot. Although maybe the hills at IMCH will not be ideal going for me. Back to the day job.......


Jevon said...

great photos.
strangely enough I htink the 3 minutes off the swim will be the hardest. NOt only do you have to get it off the swim but also leave yourself able to bike and run faster.
I think the turbo is a good idea - I noticed a huge difference after a winter of beasting sessions on mine and will repeat this year.
Oh by the way... HTFU will ya.... :)

joannacarritt said...

another year of trying will get u quicker - its a long long process, me think. the 'tweaks' might contribute but y'll never really know - they're really just a tool for motivation.