Friday, 30 May 2008

reality bites


Swim1.02 T1 5.21 Bike 6.00 T2 6.36 Run 3.56 Finish 11.10.57

Somewhere in my dream world I thought I could train for an ironman and not do too much pain. Have read the bible (friel) and it seems to suggest that this might be the case but Saturdays race suggests otherwise. Whilst my prep had not been perfect I was confident of a good bike split at IM Lanzarote. My result was not what I wanted. No breakthrough performance here. A solid race with no dramas and a run that was as good as I could have hoped for but no top 100 bike split which was my aim.

Looking for reasons it is hard to identify just one thing. Maybe I did not train hard enough, maybe I did not train long enough. Reading this made me think about my diet. Maybe it is finally time to confront my inner tweenie and stop eating all the sugar I still crave so badly in order that I become a better fat burner.

Not one to look back and remembering I am in it to be positive, I learnt I love the race, I learnt my wife is a top supporter and I learnt that for me it is enough to just be in it and that there is a lot to share with your fellow athletes as you push through the latter stages of the race.


Jevon said...

Hope your disappointment has settled. Onwards to Austria. Looking forward to seeing you there and racing together.

Jevon said...

Re: your comment on Lanza... Tom, Helen and Sam have signed up. Are you going to do it again? I'm wavering at the moment... sounds bloody hard...

lord_lordy said...

Glad I've found your blog. Great reading. Good to see in a early post your comment about now not being bothered about the car you drive - it's had the same effect on me ... I'm a much happier less materialistic person (well ... except when it comes to tri gear).

Your link to fat oxidisation and diet - TOTALLY AGREE. I do lots of stuff specifically to inprove my fat burning - hence the long (long) steady rides on minimal carbs - no carb drink, if I stop for food it's virtually carb free. This also ties in with so much I've learnt about nutrition over the past few years.